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Collaborations, Installations and Works in Progress

photo by: Rod Nunez 2007 NYC

Photos by Rod Nunez
NYC, 2003-2013
Rod and I collaborated on many different dance/media project together
from 2003 to 2013. I have always loved visual art and exploring how fusing my movement with different light sources can develop into an abstract narrative. Rod has always been able to capture the core of my work with his magical photographs. They would inspire me to keep pushing forward which usually led to a dance/media performance.
 3 Tasks (2023)
Collaboration with visual artist Teresa Getty 
A work in progress durational performance/installation based on caregiving during 
Seattle Art Walk 04/06/23I moved through and around Teresa's sculptures for 2 hours utilizing my gauzy head-light to illuminate her sculptures. People were invited into the space to look at the sculptures with me.
Future performance/installations of this work to be announced soon.
Dance 2 Me  (2018)
A collaborative dance series by Seattle-based modern dancer Bryon Carr and visual artist
 Kharis Kennedy, who resides on St. Croix. Filmed in a controlled, neutral environment, the work is comprised of a video diary of sixteen choreographed phrases exchanged between the two artists on a daily basis via webcam. Carr, a dancer whose training focuses on classical ballet as well as the Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham techniques, choreographed a 90-second phrase facing a camera. Kennedy, who is not a trained dancer, interpreted Carr’s previous 90-second phrase recording as it streamed on a computer situated right below the camera.
Side by Side (2010)
A durational performance installation sponsored by Chashama Arts, NYC
I created all the visuals using plexiglass, transparent craft paint and glue
I danced in the space for 3 hours a night for 10 nights. Photos by: Rod Nunez
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