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I have been exploring dance media works since the early 2000's. Before technology I used analogue stuff like flashlights and plastic sheets. I love exploring movement with media as well as collaborating with other artists. I  am a huge fan of visual and performance art. Below are a few of my most recent works. The button below will link you to my Vimeo page Carrdancemedia for other  dance explorations and digital works.
Gust  (2023)
A work in progress solo
12 Minutes Max, Seattle, WA
Choreography/Performance: Bryon Carr
Music: Nummer 2 by Anne Müller
videographer: Warren Woo
Photos:Jim Coleman
Megatron Man (2023)
Men in Dance Showcase, Seattle, WA

 This ongoing project is a personal homage to pioneering music composer Patrick Cowley who's life was cut short by the AIDS epidemic in 1982, he was 32 years old. He made a huge impact on the 70's and 80's club scene as well as, being a major influence on bands like New Order and the Pet Shop boys.  Video coming soon
Choreography Bryon Carr in collaboration with the dancers. 
Music: Megatron Man by Patrick Cowley
Projections: Bryon Carr
Costumes: Bryon Carr
Dancers: Simon McCrea Adler, Kince de Vera and Michael Walton
Photos by: Jazzyphoto
Juggling The World Forward (2017)
Boost Dance Festival, Seattle, WA
Concept/Direction: Bryon Carr in collaboration with visual artist Teresa Getty
Choreography: Bryon Carr and Dancers
Visuals: Teresa Getty

Dancers: Jo Blake, Meghan Courtney, Kince de Vera, Ashleigh Claire Miller, Sara Oakley and Hanna Reitsma
Music: Ismael Pinkler and Rob Theakston

Costumes: Bryon Carr and Tersa Getty
Video/photos:  by  Jazzyphoto
I Go (2017)
Concept/Direction: Bryon Carr
Choreography: Bryon Carr and Dancers
Music: S & D - Ostgut Ton Zehn
Dancers: Shannon Adams, Colleen Bickel, Kince de Vera, Arlene Martin, Elizabeth Monsoor, Sara Oxford, Hanna Reitsma and Elizabeth Sugawara
photos: Michelle Smith-Lewis
 Archive Photos from performances in Seattle and NYC
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